FinWatchStraps was born in Helsinki, Finland, inspired by the beautiful Nordic nature and lakes. It is a family owned company, managed by the hand crafter, who crafts his products by orders individually and with passion. 

High-quality ecological materials are used in watch straps production.  No machinery is used and all products are done entirely by hands. 

Here is a short presentation of  FinWatchStraps business: 

TAG Heuer, Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and Panerai are just some famous watch brands that are in everyone’s must buy list. Why? Well, first of all they are beautifully crafted pieces which serve its purpose while allowing the wearer to portray their own specific style statement. And secondly, they are durable and long-lasting watches that will never go out of style. So, those who own premium leather watch brands, have the need to find good quality leather watch straps. This need comes because of the daily wear-and-tear which make sure that the leather straps are the first thing that gives out. We are all aware of this, and this is the reason why our business has stepped forward to help out anyone who are looking for a good quality leather watch straps that will suit their personality and also will last for a long time.

About us

We specialise in hand-made leather watch straps that will most definitely fit any one of the major leather watch brands. But, the reason why we are so loved by our huge list of clients is because we have taken an extra step for them. We are also known for provided personalised customisable leather watch straps. Everyone’s personality is different from one another. And to make sure that they have a watch that goes with their unique personality, we hand craft unique leather watch straps according to the instruction/order given by the client. We are in the business as a leather watch straps hand crafter for a long time, thus we are informed and educated appropriately to provide the best result every time no matter how unique the order will be.

Our work

First let’s talk about the materials that we will be using to make each one of the leather watch straps. The different types, styles, colors and textures of leather for the straps are of the highest quality, durable and stunning in look. There are many other things that are needed besides the leather and we do not compromise on them as well. So, for example you can expect from our family business the best stitching work that will hold everything in place and will not break down after few years due to continuous force and stress put on it. 

Now let’s discuss our hand crafting work. We are proud to mention that we are those few leather watch strap hand crafters that produce our product without any kind of mechanical use. We follow the traditional ways of leather watch strap handcrafting to make the straps functional as well as stylish. We know that not all brands are the same, and thus we design the leather straps accordingly. Our designed leather straps or customized hand crafter leather straps are designed in such a way so that they match perfectly with the design of the watch of the client. 

Our promise

Choosing leather as the material of the watch strap comes with a lot of advantages. Leather straps are ecological, durable and such a classical style that will never go out of style. Besides, watch with a leather strap goes well with any kind of occasion. When a client is getting a leather watch strap for their specific watch brand from us, they are expecting all these and more. So, we work hard on each and every leather straps so that it can fulfil all the needs of the client. 

We work with our clients to come up with a customised leather strap that suits their preference accordingly and accurately. We know that when it comes to providing personalised work, communication becomes a very important factor. Our clients can always communicate with us without any problem. We communicate with our clients to come up with such a design for the leather watch strap so that it goes well with the brand or style/design of watch and also the unique personalisation request of the client. They can choose from a wide range of high quality of leather (types, styles and colors) so that the end result can effectively reflect their style. 

Why come to us?

So, you can see that no matter what you have in mind we can hand craft it to perfection. Besides, our personalized leather watch straps, we have a wide range of unique pre-made leather straps for different watch brands that are also stunning in their own way. To know more about how we can make a unique leather strap for your specific watch, do contact us today!

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