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Seiko – Innovative Japanese-made watch - finwatchstraps

Swiss-made watches have been ruling the world for a while. You may know a lot about Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, etc., all about the luxury. If you want to find something more affordable with good quality from Japan (why not when Japan is so well-known for the precision, innovation and machinery manufacturing), Seiko can be one of the great choice for you!

Seiko watch belongs to Seiko Holdings Corporation, a Japanese company producing and selling watches, precision instruments and fashion accessories. In Japanese, Seiko means “exquisite” or “success”. Seiko was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori – a clock repairmen - in the Ginza area of Tokyo. The company was initially a shop selling watch and jewelry called “K.Hattori”. In 1913, Seiko introduced the first ever Japanese wristwatch when the pocket watches were still commonly used in Japan. In 1969, the company launched the Astron, the very first quartz watch in the world, setting a new trend in watchmaking industry. 

Seiko didn’t stop there. The company proved to be one of the most innovative watchmakers in the world with the introduction of the world’s first diver’s watch with titanium case – the Professional Diver’s 600m in 1975. Later inventions were the world’s first analog quartz watch with chronograph in 1983, the no-battery-technology watch using solar power named “Kinetic” in 1988 and other significant breakthroughs in their timeline. You can check it out to see all Seiko beautiful and amazing ideas. The fact below are presented by Seiko ( 



seiko divers watch




Seiko manufactures different watches with different types of movement - quartz, of course, mechanical movement, kinetic and solar movement. The price spectrum varies from $45 to nearly $600.000 which serves different customer groups in domestic and international market. For instance, Seiko 5 is designed for the 1960s generation, Seiko SARB is for mid-range mechanical watch and Grand Seiko (which is also comparable with luxurious Swiss watch brands) is made for high-end timepieces. 

Seiko also shows a great interest in sport. The company has been working as the official timekeeper of endless sport events held for Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup and IAAF World Championships. 

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