Samsung Gear S2 and S3: Features and Strap Replacement Possibilities

Samsung Gear S2 and S3: Features and Strap Replacement Possibilities - finwatchstraps

Samsung Gear S2 and S3 are two fantastic devices that prove to be the best alternative to many android and non-android watches. Perfectly designed to suit any hand, the watches add on to your personality and confidence.

samsung gear, smart watch leather band The gear S2 is a fully-circled, typical smartwatch with a rotating bezel. The intuitive interface and the bezel ring for navigation add to the main features of the watch. The smartwatch comes in three unique designs: S2 classic, standard S2, and gear S2 3G. While the S2 gear has a sporty design, the classic S2 is more on the conventional side. The devices are similar form inside, but the built and design differs from each other.

Samsung S2

The gear S2 classic watches have leather straps and buckle that can be easily replaced with any other leather bands. You can replace the leather band with any 20mm bands available in the Finwatchstraps web-store. Samsung has made 7 band options for the watch users. The user can choose from the various options to get that sporty and trendy look. We will not be wrong if we say that Samsung S2 looks the best  with high quality leather replacement watch bands. 

Irrespective of whether you choose Horween leather straps or any other branded leather straps, you can replace them easily.

Replacing the strap of gear S2 watches is simple, some have Quick-release replacement systems, which allows changing the watch band within less than a minute. Moreover, all FinWatchStraps are easy to replace and get your Samsung Smart watch a new premium look with a premium vintage leather watch band. 

Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear S 3 replacement watch band

Samsung S3

The Gear S3 is a true premium traditional watch with a modern capacity. The Samsung S3 is a huge timepiece that has all the features of a smartwatch. The android equipped high-tech watch includes GPS, heartbeat monitor, water resistant, activity tracker, and an altimeter. Paired up with high resolution, circle screen makes the watch outstand among all other fancy smartwatches in the market.

The watch is big and heavy with the full rotating bezel. The metallic ring of the watch is attached to a high-quality leather band which is replaceable according to the user’s choice. The leather belt is stiff initially, which becomes flexible after frequent uses. The leather strap is connected with 22mm pin to the watch ring. Although there are options to switch the straps, it is almost an impossible task to do it on your own. However, this may not be a major problem when you are using the band for normal use.

You may face the consequences of changing the strap with a leather classic high-quality premium handmade Finwatchstraps leather watch band when you use it for other than fitness/gym while tracking your activity. As you use the Gear S3 for sports and fitness tracking, the belt must be sweat resistant and sport the complementing look. Waterproof leather watch bands is another option for wearing your smart watch as during business days so on active vacations. FinwatchStraps offers Phantom waterproof models made of the Limited edition Horween leather 

leather watch band for Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear s3 leather watch band, replacement strap for Samsung gear

The order for your customized handmade  premium level watch band from FinWatchStraps can be done via our web-page, by email or by calling/messaging to WhatsApp +358 44 971 3235  in case you need our advise. 

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