Panerai Watches - history and art perfectly combined

Panerai Watches - history and art perfectly combined - finwatchstraps

Panerai watches are popular among luxury wrist watches. They are of premium quality, genuine leather straps and are enriched with history. History of Italy’s art in Motion the Panerai watches 1860 just one year before Italy States unification, Officine Panerai was formed by Giovanni Panerai. Just after few years, Panerai becomes the authorised dealer of some topnotch brands. This including Rolex and Patek Philippe.

But here’s the kicker…Back at the end of 19th century, Panerai watches were only available to Military forces. The watches carefully crafted for Italy’s navy officers and Egyptian forces. They developed the number of watch for military including waterproof and reliability. The Panerai established themselves as the leader in watch industry. They have then created many high quality trusted watches.

In 1933 they finally opened themselves to the public and opened the door to their most iconic watch of all time named “The Luminor”.

Panerai Luminor has since been used by millions of people all over the world. It is brand in itself. It is no harm to say that The Luminor is like what iPhone is to Apple.

The best part? There are plenty of premium quality watches made by Panerai for you. In fact, Sylvester Stallone the famous Hollywood actor used Luminor’s special edition watch Slytech in his movie Daylight.

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Premium Quality Panerai watches

There are plenty of Panerai premium quality watches, and they have their series in itself.

Let’s Check out,

The Luminor series


panerai radiomir

Panerai Ferrari

panerai ferrari, watch bands fro panerai ferrari

Special editions

The Luminor Series:

The most popular premium quality Panerai watch is this Luminor series. It has beautifully crafted leather enriched with the great look. The Luminor watches Comes up in two type Base or Marina.


panerai marina, leather watch band for panerai marina, leather watch strap Panerai marina

Arnold Schwarzenegger used Marina brand in his movie Terminator.This Luminor watches fits well with both casual and formal wear. This watch has crowned protection bridge which makes it unique in itself. The case diameter of most Luminor leather watches is around 40-44mm.

But here’s the thing, Luminor has leather straps, so the leather watch band gives the watch premium look and can change according to the events.


That means you can wear one leather strap on Halloween day and change it next month for Christmas.

There are many different options available for leather straps. You can even use Horween leather handmade leather watch band from FinWatchStraps to make your Panerai watches even fantastic.

Panerai Radiomir:

One of the first models of Officine Panerai the Radiomir model second most popular watch band.

panerai radiomir, leather watch band for panerai radiomir

(Image: This Radiomir brand built explicitly for formal wears. Radiomir watch looks beautiful on the suits. The case is rounded and curved with the classic look. It fits the status. So what is the main difference between Luminor and Radiomir? The Radiomir does not have a device protecting the crowned bridge. The best thing? This pioneer watches has power reserves which last for 10 days. The watch sizes vary from 42mm to 47mm. 

Panerai Ferrari:

Beautifully crafted in leather bands this Panerai Ferrari watches are best in class. They have some sense of charms to it. However, they are not much popular among Panerai users. Yet they do have their targeted audience.

The Panerai Ferrari has the rougher grip which sets it apart from both of the Paneri series mentions above. Like Panerai Radiomir this watch does not have crowned bridge protection.

You can change this wrist watch leather strap quickly and set it as per your own choice and make it look more attractive.

There are many colourful straps are available on the market. The main being handmade leather watch brands by Horween. The case of Panerai Ferrari comes in 40mm and 45mm sizes.

Panerai special editions: There are tons of special editions Panerai brought up from time to time which make their die-hard fans go crazy all over the world. Main being retro styled Luminor 1950 and Latest one being Panerai LAB-ID.


Panerai have been proven, and popular wrist watches manufacturers ever. Panerai has classic watch series with genuine leather watch strap and massive fan following.Wearing this leather watch gives you some magical aura around you. Why don't you check our choice of the replacement watch bands for your Panerai right away or oder any special unique model of the watch band you keep in mind from us? As leather crafters, we make your watch bands ideas happen. 

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English tan watch band for Panerai

Navy Blue Chromexcel for Panerai 


Horween Burgundy/ Chromexcel no.8 leather watch band 

Be premium, be unique with FinWatchStraps handmade leather bands. 

 More information about Panerai watches can be found at Panerai official webpages

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