Panerai watch: A gift for diving enthusiasts

Panerai watch: A gift for diving enthusiasts - finwatchstraps

Forget about Swiss luxury watches that you have known before. Today we have something different yet interesting to know. What I’m talking about is Panerai (Officine Panerai), a luxury Italian watch maker. Now we can see that Italy has more than pizza and pasta!

Officine Panerai was founded by Giovanni Panerai in 1860 in Florence, Italy with the headquarter being located in Florence today. The company, however, produces watches in Switzerland, using in-house manufactured movement and ETA movement. In the beginning, Panerai was a small watch store on the Ponte alle Grazie (a bridge) crossing the Arno River. It was not until Giovani’s grandson Guido Panerai took over the business from his wife’s family which was a mechanical workshop that made Penerai turn over a new leaf. They produced precision pocket watches and chronographs for the Regia Marina (the Royal Italian Navy).

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In 1916, Panerai decided to include Radiomir, a substance derived from radium that can glow in the dark, in watchmaking. The first Radiomir was made in 1936 having the movement and case manufactured by Rolex. It was a huge success that led to the popularity of Panerai as that luminescent underwater equipment played an important role in the battle with its brightness.

However, that watch was noticeably toxic and dangerous due to the component – mix of radium bromide and zinc sulphide – which emitted high level of radiation and interacted strongly to glow. The watches that glow we use today are no longer hazardous, but the danger of radioactivity was little known. The Radiomir, therefore, with the ability to stay underwater and its luminescence, was widely produced. The toxic impacts of radium were addressed in 1949 led to the creation of new of Penerai luminescent watch. Luminor was even better than Radiomir at its luminous capacity. Luminor proved to be superior to its brother when it was the holy grail of all professional divers. The big difference between these model was the large crown-protecting bridge with a lever to increase the waterproof features while the dial and case were still similar.

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Panerai has such a strong connection with sea sporting activities. The brand develops a prototype of the diving watch that could resist the water up to 1.000 meters height in 1980. The launch of limited edition of the Luminor Marina and Mare Mostrum in 1993 marked the brand’s first enter the public sale market. Panerai was even more popular when the Holywood star Sylvester Stallone ordered these timepieces. In 1997, Panerai was taken over by the Vendome Group, becoming the leader of luxury watches in sport luxury accessory segment. The brand has captured a great amount of enthusiasts, who are called Paneristi.

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