How to order the correct size of the watch strap

How to order the correct size of the watch strap - finwatchstraps

Are you planning to buy a watch band? If yes, you need to order the band of the right size so that it fits into your hand properly. For finding the correct band or strap for the watch, you need to have knowledge about the different sizes and length. For saving effort and time, have a look at the below options in order to measure a wrist.

Width of the lug

Most of the straps that are available in different shops are categorized by the width of the lug. For ensuring the width of the lug required for the watch band, you require measuring the distance between the lugs present on the watch. It is the distance of the horn like parts that protrude from the top as well as the bottom of the watch.

Length of the band

For ensuring that the watch bad sits in a correct manner, you require purchasing the one which is of the right length to you. For doing the same, you are advised to take a measurement of the length of last watch band which fits you. There is also a short video on how to measure your wrist and consider the watch size when ordering a new strap: 

Check our video for more information 

Width of the buckle

If you wish to use the buckle from a previous band, or the one you already have on your watch, it is crucial to pay minute attention to the size of the buckle in the product description. This will be useful in coinciding with the inside width of the buckle.

Thickness of the band

The thickness of the band is a prerequisite from the aesthetic point of view. Flatter or thin watches are known to go best with the thinner straps. Large and robust watches, on the other hand, require a thicker padded strap for ensuring that the design is complemented in the best manner.

Order customized band from FinWatchStraps

You can find a plethora of straps and bands at FinWatchStraps. These straps play an indispensable role in enhancing your look. You are sure to look modern and trendy as you opt for these bands. They are comprised of premium quality of leather and have become the prime choice of people in the present days. These personalized products play an integral role in conferring a stylish and unique look to you.

Every vintage object tends to get old, be it a watch, house or a car. However, it is possible to retain the value of the watches by the replacement of the strap with the aid of FinWatchStraps that are hand-made in Finland.

FinWatchStrap has earned a high reputation as the top custom watch strap makers in Finland. If you are looking for an amazing strap for the Omega Speedmaster, you require finding an experienced artisan in order to get a new look to your watches. Get a new look and quality. FinWatchStrap has acquired high reputation in the crafting of bespoke watch strap for high end watch brands.

You can follow the above-mentioned tips for finding the correct measurements so that the watch band fits your hand at ease. Getting a unique bespoke strap for high-end watches happen to be a fulfilling procedure to the watch owner and strap maker. Order customized hand-made watch band and you will be convinced that they are worth the trouble.

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