Certina watches - authentic example of the art of the Swiss watch making

Certina watches - authentic example of the art of the Swiss watch making - finwatchstraps

If you have no idea what Certina is, you as a watch lover should definitely know about Swatch Groups where Certina belongs to. Certina is a Swiss watchmaker with a 130-year history, it is famous for their precision, reliability and sporty character. Certina was founded in 1888 by Adolf and Alfred Kurth in
Grenchen, Switzerland.

It was the success of their own watchmaking workshop that led the brothers to expand the business into watch manufacturing. The company didn’t produce the complete watches at the beginning – they provided movements for other companies and made finished timepieces at the same
time. Only when the brand had expanded were they known as pioneers in watchmaker field in 1955. In 1972, Certina had 900 employees and manufactured 600,000 watches every year. In most major jewelry watch fairs, the brand was ranked the 1 st and awarded the “International Diamonds Awards” and
the “Golden Rose”.

You can have a look at the short video below telling Certina’s history since their first days of the establishment until 2008.


Certina has been a member of Swatch group since 1983. The brand is placed in the middle range of Swatch Group, so they are striving for providing outstanding quality at an affordable price. Their price varies from $430 to $1860 (Jun 2017) which is more reasonable compared to other watch brands from prestige and luxury range such as Blancpain, Harry Winston, Breguet, etc. Certina’s watch series are
diverse with Sport Collection, Aqua Collection, Urban Collection and Heritage Collection. The brand has a great commitment to the field of sport, especially to motor racing, supporting a number of great sport stars. 


Certina has been complimented on the excellent quality (even indestructible) and nice design with the combination of modern and classic features. However, some watch lovers suppose that this brand is underappreciated in the watchmaking industry. Despite being a part of the Swatch Group, Certina hardly gets a mention on here. A possible explanation for this lies in their minuscule marketing budget and
alternatives to sport watch. Certina focuses on selling sport watches with precision, robustness and “Swiss made” label, but these points are not excellent enough to surpass other choices for each criterion.

However, it’s worthwhile to have a look at Certina and their watches. If you don’t know this brand before, check it out because they have nice products along with nice price, especially when Certina is celebrating their 130th anniversary. 

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