IWC watch: Robust yet elegant

IWC watch: Robust yet elegant - finwatchstraps

IWC, which sounds like a sibling of BMW, actually stands for International Watch Company. You should be alert when searching this brand as it can be mistaken as the International Whaling Commission. Keep reading because there are some interesting things to know about this brand!  

International Watch Company (IWC) is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer founded in 1868. Surprisingly, the founder of IWC was an American watchmaker – Florentine Ariosto Jones. What’s special about this company is the location of the factory. While most of other famous Swiss watchmakers are located in western Switzerland, IWC has their factory settled in the east of Switzerland. This ideal geographical location allows the company to utilize hydropower that is sourced from Rhine River. 

IWC was founded for the original purpose of combining the workmanship of Swiss artisans and American modern engineering technology in order to provide the US market with calibers and watch components. The brand has been well-known for the excellence of structure and movements. Some highlights are the Pilot’s Watches which were designed for civil aviation purposes with the sturdiness, anti-magnetic function and resistance to changes of temperature from -40 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees Celsius. 

IWC has developed their slogan “Engineered to men” and clearly claimed their target audience. TV commercials about this campaign was popular and appealed to inner adventurer of every man. 

The brand has been producing watches for men only since the birth of the company. It was not until 2014, after 146 years, that IWC launched the very first midsized watch designed for women. These were 37-mm models in the Porfonino Midsize collection. The company underlined that IWC watches, with the beauty and elegance, “can be very feminine and sophisticated”, so not only men can have them, the timepieces and can be reserved for women as well.

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