From Australia with love: kangaroo leather for classy wathstraps

From Australia with love: kangaroo leather for classy wathstraps - finwatchstraps

Kangaroo leather is amazing premium material, which is widely used for making professional soccer shoes, motorcycle jackets and gloves to name but a few. And there is a reason for that.

The first and incontestable kangaroo leather quality is its strength while relative light-weight. In comparison to cowhide of the same sickness the kangaroo hide possesses 10 times the tensile strength. Simultaneously, this material is very soft and supple, has excellent breathability and hydroscopicity. The leather surface is smooth and highly resistant to abrasion. Accessories, clothes and other products made of kangaroo skin retain their shapes and stunning appearance for a long time and give peerless comfort to their owners.

Kangaroo leather contains usually few oils and much more resistant to drying out. However regular care and cleaning is still vital to maintain the durability of kangaroo leather products. They should be conditioned with mink oil or leather conditioner, stored in cool and dry place and not be exposed to direct sunlight or excess heat. In case of getting wet, kangaroo leather products should be dried well naturally and conditioned afterwards. 

The kangaroo leather is sourced of course from Australia, where the authorities lead special program to control the kangaroos’ population because of a lack of the feed for permanently growing animal abundance. Kangaroo skins are than exported to tanneries, especially to Italy and USA. FinWatchStraps works in partnership with Italian tannery from Tuscany, where kangaroo leather is processed and vegetable tanned with assured quality. 

At FinWatchStraps you can order completely unique handcrafted kangaroo leather wrist band for your favorite watches. Watchstraps from this rare material has a premium quality features and will age with appearing one-of-a-kind patina. Looks admirable with classic and vintage watch style.

You can find our artisan wristbands from kangaroo leather and design your own perfect one here:

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